Paid social advertising services that deliver sales, leads and engagement without the fluff

During our time spent in-house, we generated £millions in new business for our employers, iterating and testing with new features and techniques to remain competitive. Now, as a boutique social media agency, we can put that experience to work to help you grow and scale your social advertising, sales and lead generation efforts.

The goalposts in ‘paid social’ change day to day, so where one advertising plan might work really well for a few weeks, the odds are that you’ll need to tweak and change your activity regularly to keep costs low and your results as high as possible.

This continuous improvement requires a deep understanding of your clients and customers, extensive testing and a good knowledge of marketing funnel development. As part of our work, we can identify these clients and prospects for you, work out what they want and need, and then design a customer journey for them that results in greater sales and measurable growth.

Historically, many agencies have relied on ‘engagement’ and ‘awareness’ metrics to measure success; but we firmly believe in delivering a measurable ROI from our campaigns, cutting through the ‘fluff’ and using your growth as a measure of our success.

We’ve developed successful paid social campaigns on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram


There is no one-size-fits-all platform, so we’ll only recommend platforms that we believe will work for you. Sometimes you can succeed in using a single platform, while some detailed campaigns might make use of them all in combination with your historical customer data.

If you’re looking for a steer on how we might put paid social media marketing to use for your business, just give us a call or drop us an email and we can discuss suitable options. If you’re really keen to get some insight, you can also book in your free social media audit here.


Social Media Management

Perhaps you recognised the importance of social advertising early on and already have some activity running? That’s great. This kind of work can be time consuming, which you’ll feel all the more if you’ve found other areas of your business that demand your attention. In this case, the challenge instead lies in finding the talent to take over your activity for you. If this is the case, we can help you to grow your activity and the resulting new business with our social media management services. To explore our ‘done for you’ social media management packages, get in touch to arrange a discussion on how we can manage and report on your activity to free up some of your time.


Our social media approach

Audit & objectives

We begin by asking questions about your growth and your business plans for the short-term and long-term future. From here, we can identify how paid social advertising can contribute to your overall business objectives, whether that’s to facilitate rapid growth, increase sales, or to build up a stable pipeline of opportunities.

With your goals in mind, we can map out where various social platforms can contribute the greatest value and intelligence to your marketing activity.

If you have social profiles and advertising campaigns in place already, we will audit these to ascertain their overall health and adherence to best practice standards. We’ll examine any tracking you’re using and we’ll look to see if more information can be gathered to improve future campaign performance.


Competitor analysis + creative inspiration

Here, we’ll look to see who your competitors are and we’ll use profiling tools to understand which brands and products your prospective clients and customers respond to. This will help us to find out what kinds of adverts the competition are using, so we can choose to draw on this for inspiration when building your campaigns. We also use 3rd party creative databases to find historical adverts in similar niches that may also be useful during the ideation phase of the project.


Identifying your ideal clients and customers

  • Developing organic and paid social strategies
  • Ads and creative
  • Campaign build
  • Social platform optimisation
  • Reporting and intelligence


Social media package pricing

When we were working in-house, we were never big fans of fluctuating ‘consultation’ fees from month to month. We wanted to make a predictable monthly commitment, safe in the knowledge that the job would get done. If you request a free social media audit, we can work out how much work is likely to be needed month to month and we can provide you with a set retainer figure based on this. Typically, monthly management fees range from £500 to £5,000 per month depending upon account complexity and the industry. Alternatively, you can always opt for our ‘pay per lead’ packages.


Get your free social media audit

Choosing a social media agency is tough, making a lasting financial commitment to one is harder still. To help you understand the opportunity available to you, we’ll conduct a free social media audit and send you the resulting audit report by email.

If you like what you see in the report, and feel that we’re a good fit for you, we can arrange a follow up discussion to go through the report and talk through how we might use these findings to increase the volume of sales and leads coming through to you via social media.


Why use us as your social media agency?

We were there when the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke. We were there when Facebook pulled their 3rd party data segments in the midst of the backlash on privacy. We’ve advertised throughout a variety of algorithmic changes, so we’re keenly aware of how quickly social advertising policies change and how social media campaigns need to adapt to keep up, and to gain ground while the competition are still reeling. We’ve generated leads in tough and exensive niches and we have case studies to show how it was done.

If you’re looking for an honest, no-nonesense partner to support you with your social media advertising, you’d do well to speak to us.


Next steps

We know our onions, but sometimes you need to see the whites of someone’s eyes before you commit. If you’re keen to explore how we can work together, we’d love to meet you. Click below or give us a call to arrange a face to face discussion, the coffee’s on us.


Social Media Marketing

Case Studies

“In a crowded and very competitive market John and the small team he built to support him… achieved outstanding results for Your Legal Friend through social media campaigns.”

Colin Gibson, COOYour Legal Friend

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