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Perhaps you’ve been looking at hiring digital agencies for a specific job, while secretly wishing you could upskill your existing marketing team so you can do the job yourself.

If so, we’ve got a solution for that. We provide training to in-house marketing teams so they can do what we do.

Before Leahy+King, we’d attended hundreds of training days and workshops as part of in-house teams and, more often than not, we’d walk away thinking:

“that’s all great, but how do I act on this new information?”

Or worse:

“Well, I knew all that already, surely there’s more advanced stuff we should have been covering?”

But when you finish one of our training programmes, you’ll have the confidence and power to go and ‘do’.

We’ll scope out your needs, plan a training timetable to make sure all of your requirements are covered and then we’ll provide templates and plans to allow you and your team to act on the spark of inspiration that follows. These custom-built sessions let you focus on the bits you need in sufficient depth, without the unnecessary waffle.

We also provide the supplementary documentation, so if you forget anything, you’ll always have the templates, guides and plans to refer back to.

We provide training on a variety of digital marketing topics to encourage the free flow of new ideas and to make people alive to the opportunities that new platforms, methods and technologies can offer.


Facebook advertising

It’s no secret that all the features and tools used to run Facebook campaigns are covered in the Facebook Blueprint Programme. Blueprint is free, you only have to pay for the exams at the end if you want to be certified.

But there’s much Facebook leaves out.

As any Facebook Ad veteran will tell you, much like learning to drive, the real lessons come from the experience that comes after the exam…

If you have ambitions of upskilling your team to run Facebook Ad campaigns in-house, we can show you how we setup and run campaigns, as well as sharing the various tricks and nuances that we’ve come across.

We’ll include templates for campaign setup and guidance on creative and landing page creation, so that your team can immediately act on what they takeaway from the session. If it’s helpful, we can also arrange for a follow up session to review the resulting work and to answer any questions.


Link prospecting & link building

If your team is responsible for your SEO activity, you’ll know that link building is as important as it is tough.

But you can make it a great deal easier with solid link prospecting. SEO blogs do a great job of making the process seem deceptively simple, but when you try to apply their advice to your own activity, it all quickly falls apart.

  • What counts as a good prospect?
  • How do you find them?
  • How do you judge link quality?
  • How do I spot spam?


It’s harder in practice than many people think.

If you’ve been looking to answers to these questions, we can go one better and equip you with the techniques to answer these questions yourself. We’ll talk you through the tools we use ourselves and how to setup the foundations for a good link building campaign.


On-page SEO

To some, SEO seems to be a smoke and mirrors act, to others, it’s downright confusing.

It doesn’t need to be.

On-page SEO is our forte and we’re happy to share our experience and the techniques we use to grow organic traffic (and those all important leads).

Typically, we’ll talk through:

  • goal setting
  • keyword research
  • competitive content research
  • content structure
  • internal linking and…
  • typical optimisation tasks


If it’s helpful we can set up a ‘surgery’ with your website as ‘patient’, discussing how you might leverage our methods to make improvements to existing pages and how you might build new ones to capture traffic opportunities.

As part of the session we’ll walk through the tools we use, why, and the resulting research and how you can use that to develop an ongoing body of work that will deliver compounding growth over time.

After the session, your team will be able to:

  • identify pages that need strengthening
  • find new keywords and opportunities you’re not currently exploiting
  • plan and create new pages to exploit these opportunities
  • measure the impact of their work on website traffic and conversions


Content marketing

Content marketing is straightforward, but unless you’ve gone from ‘planning’ through to ‘execution’ and then reporting on performance, it can be tough to know where to start.

In these cases, the journey is far from linear.

You might start with some keyword research to identify new content opportunities. You might then go off to do some persona profiling, only to discover that half of your keyword research opportunities aren’t relevant to your audience. This cycle repeats itself as you move from demographic research, through to competitor analysis and back to planning.

You’ll ask yourself:

  • How much should I be publishing?
  • How often should I be publishing it?
  • Where should it all be published?
  • How should I be promoting this content?
  • Should I be paying for content promotion?
  • How many personas do I need? Do I have too many?
  • How much research is ‘enough’?


If your experience is anything like ours when we first started, you’ll have spent so long trying to answer these questions and to develop your plan, that months have gone by and the time you’ve spent ‘planning’ (or chasing your tail in our case) could have been used to ‘act’ and learn.

There’s no greater teacher than experience.

So whether you’re looking to bring your content marketing acivity in-house, or to engage a ‘critical friend’ to help you clarify your thinking and to review a plan you’ve already developed, we can help.


Bespoke workshops

Sometimes you’ll need support when trying to solve a very specific problem, or you’ll want an introduction to a new platform or technology that helps you to see how it ties in with all of your existing activity. Whatever your needs, if you think we have the expertise to impart, we can plan a bespoke session to help you. Drop us an enquiry or give us a call, we’ll let you know what’s possible.


Next steps

Every marketing team is different, and we plan our training sessions to make sure that the teachings we provide complement your team’s existing skill set. To see what we can do for you and your team, get in touch and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. The coffee’s on us.



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