Meet the Team

Christina Leahy

With a storied career in B2B marketing and events management, Christina (Chrissie) specialises in the development of communities around technology products to inspire loyalty and innovation among customers. With an interest in branding and product marketing, Chrissie’s forte is in communicating complex and expensive technological offerings to markets at home and abroad.

John King

Having worked both agency-side and in-house, John has seen first-hand how the competing interests of the agency and the client creates friction that rarely leads to long-term partnerships – pained by this, he went so far as to write his dissertation on the subject. More recently, John has found a niche in creating and developing new marketing departments within professional services firms, and in generating leads in their thousands for B2C clients in the legal sector, producing revenues of more than £8m over two years for the Birkenhead-based Your Legal Friend.

About Us

We’re a performance marketing agency, otherwise known as a ‘pay-per-lead’ agency. That means that we get paid for achieving an end result, be it leads, sales or a specific kind of conversion.

Most business owners and marketing managers don’t have the time to learn the technicalities of SEO, content marketing and social media. So, rather than making our clients choose between the obscene number of marketing methods and channels, we ask them what outcome they’re looking to achieve, and we build all the funnels, and the necessary marketing automation flows behind the scenes to deliver what’s important – business growth.


Why we’re doing this

Having spent years working in-house for multiple brands, working with numerable agencies of all stripes we encountered one problem time, and again that really bothered us: most marketing agencies are rubbish.

Many will tell you that this is because the agency ‘model’ is broken, and while we’ll agree that the model is far from perfect, it has also delivered some of the finest work we’ve seen (as well as some of the worst) – so the model alone can’t be the cause.

In our experience, most of the poor work we see from agencies can be boiled down to poor account management and a lack of honesty and accountability.


Have you ever:

  • Been sold on the remarkable experience an agency has, only to find that a junior with less than a year of experience manages your account?
  • Had a project delivered that’s missing key components, which you would expect as standard, only to find these components are ‘out of scope’?
  • Been given project deliverables that are decidedly ‘meh’, only to have the agency extoll the virtue of the work, how incredible it is, and how that’s the best you’re going to get?
  • Been charged for meetings, phone calls and minor changes that you’d typically consider to be good customer service? (We certainly have)


People often say that if you can’t get the help you need, do it yourself.

So now, we do.

If you’re responsible for running or marketing a business and, like us, you’re tired of agencies delivering mediocre work at premium rates despite the glossy pitches and international reputation, you’ll know how we feel, and you’ll understand why we’re on a mission to put an end to this.


Why we’re different

We simply want to deliver good work and get paid accordingly

We won’t get it right all the time, but if we do get it wrong, we’ll hold our hands up, admit it, and work twice as hard to make it right again at no cost to you. No one wants to complain, only to get a laundry list of how good we think the work is and how it’ll cost you an extra two grand if you want to make ‘changes’. You only pay us when we perform well, and not a moment before – unless of course, we’re building assets that you’re going to ‘own’, in which case typical deposits and retainers will still be necessary.

At the same time, if you have a project that isn’t a perfect fit for us, we won’t accept the work – while it’s tempting to take the job and make it up as we go along just for the money, it rarely turns out well.

If we aren’t a good fit, we’ll tell you up front that there are better people out there for the job (we’ll even recommend people we trust), but if you insist that we do it, there’ll be a learning curve involved and we’ll teach you all that we pick up along the way.

Having gathered together our learnings and experience from multiple projects; from brand development and lead generation, through to website migration and creation, we have a keen grasp of what works and what doesn’t.


We want to give you all the good stuff that works, without the ‘bad’.

We want to give you the agency we always dreamed of working with.


Case Studies

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